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Walk-N-Talk Cellular offers a full line of services to their customers. We are a Solutions Provider and offer substantial discounts for your business cell phone services. Just looking for a new phone to replace that old worn phone? We have the largest selection of Unlocked GSM phones in the area. We are adding the newest models to our line-up weekly. If you need a phone we do not have, we will try and source it for you and make sure it will work with your service provider.

Have a phone that is not working or has a busted screen? In most cases we are able to repair it for a lot less than the cost of replacement. We also have a very good sucess rate for repairing liquid damaged phone if recieved in a timely manner.

Do you have a phone that is locked to another service provider and would like to use it with your current service? We can unlock almost any phone. Call us or click on our Unlocking link for more details and pricing. Click on our links to the right to get more detailed information about all of the services we offer.

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